Standout Sellouts — TV’s Most Recognizable Commercial Actors

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For up-and-coming comedians and small-role television actors, commercials are like night jobs — they help pay the bills, but you don’t necessarily want everyone knowing about them. Unfortunately for the funny men and women who star in spots selling everything from cars to credit cards, working in TV isn’t exactly “behind-the-scenes.” But given the right script, shilling for corporate America can actually enhance a lesser-known’s career. If nothing else, there’s always DVR technology, which might prevent a certain side job from ever seeing the light of day in the first place. Below I’ve listed some of the better known commercial actors along with what I believe is their best work. Think of it as an opportunity to put some names next to a few faces you’re sure to recognize.

Jerry Lambert
Commercial resume includes: GEICO, Holiday Inn, Bridgestone and Playstation 3.
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Aaron Takahashi
Commercial resume includes: Amp’d Mobile, McDonald’s, Lay Z Boy, Esurance, Snapple and Honda.
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Bill Glass
Commercial resume includes: Subway, Esurance, Sonic and Coke Zero.
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Gillian Vigman
Commercial resume includes: Hanes, Jack in the Box, Chase, Swiffer, Esurance and 1-800-CONTACTS.
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Kenzo Lee
Commercial resume includes: Southwest Airlines, T-Mobile, Progressive, Yahoo! and Xfinity.
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Jackson McQueen
Commercial resume includes: Bud Light, Toyota, Lowe’s, Epson, ampm, Gain, McDonald’s and GEICO.
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Regan Burns
Commercial resume includes: GEICO, Toyota, Arby’s, Capital One, Volkswagen, Enterprise and Coors Light.
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Nate Torrence
Commercial resume includes: Capital One, Enterprise, Volkswagen, Golden Grahams and
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Owen Smith
Commercial resume includes: McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Fiber One and Divorce Court.
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