“Crave-a-Lot,” Melamed Riley’s Tribute To White Castle Using Canned Goods

Published on: November 21, 2011   Written by:    
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The Cleveland AAF asked area advertising agencies to build a Can Castle constructed of non-perishable items which will later be donated to the Cleveland Foodbank. We knew bigger companies would have no problem bringing in a lot of cans, so our twenty-person agency had to get a little creative to stack up.

So we set out to create a different kind of castle — and while it may not be the biggest in town, it sure is the tastiest. Using nearly 400 cans, we’ve lovingly built our own White Castle. Everyone got in on the action, wrapping items with paper from the recycling bin, composing the drive-thru and adding other small details throughout.

The end result won Melamed Riley FIRST PLACE against some pretty impressive competition! Best of all, our entry will help bring hundreds of hungry families throughout the Cleveland area what they crave.

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